We have many interactive Monitors and Interactive Whiteboards throughout the University. The interactive Monitors or panels act as the PC monitor and the results are projected on to the large screen in the teaching space. Whatever is on screen can be annotated during the lecture.

This technology is supported by our eLearning colleagues, who offer advice and training.

The SMART website provides a lot of information and download of the Notebook Software which is on the LT PCs. Interactive Whiteboards are installed in smaller rooms for ease of viewing.

“An impressive introduction to digital learning, the SMART Board  interactive whiteboard offers natural touch functionality, which makes it easy for students and teachers to use and will help enable quick and successful adoption. Like all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, the 480 is part of a comprehensive solution that includes support, professional development, classroom content and a community of peers, so teachers feel comfortable using the whiteboard and integrating it into their teaching.”

Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the interactive whiteboard connects to a projector to display the LT desktop on the interactive whiteboard. Lecturers can then control applications on the screen, write notes in digital ink and save their work to share later. Each LT PC has SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which helps lecturers create, deliver and manage high-impact interactive lesson activities.