Guidance For Students

If you require any disability-related provision put in place for your exams, please contact our Student Disability Team by email  – or telephone +44(0)1224 273935 to make an appointment with an advisor. In order to have provisions implemented ready for the December 2017 exams, you should see an advisor before Friday, 10 November 2017.

Guidance For Schools

If Assistive Technology is required for student assessment and exams we require the following information: 

  • Date, location, stat and end time of the exam
  • Number of students
  • If this is in the main diet of exams have you contacted Registry to arrange the exams?
  • Has the students record been referred to for information regarding assessments and exams?
  • Has the students provision been sourced from the Disability Service assessment and exam instruction?
  • Is Assistive Technology support required for the start of the exam?
  • What are the list of additional Assistive Technology requirements for each student?
  • Is a digital copy of the exam paper available? Will this be given to the invigilator before the exam? Are these available in a Microsoft Word document? If not, what format is the file?
  • Is Internet Access required?
  • Is printing required?
  • Is the student authorised to access their shared drive or should this be prohibited?
  • Does the student need a private room?

Please allow 3 weeks notice prior to assessments and exams to allow us time to put the students adjustments in place, and discuss the above requirements. 

Procedure. Updated 01 February 2017 

Guidance For Invigilators

For up to date information please contact the exams team

Procedure. Updated 25 April 2017