What are they?

The campus computers are available to students at various locations around the University. They are accessed using a valid university login and provide a huge range of software that is refreshed every year. As well as the most common software (Office, Internet Browser, SPSS etc.) and software specific to individual subjects, there is a range of Assistive Technology apps available. The selection is based on the most commonly used and designed to provide a balance of provision along with the facilities available in the Assistive Technology Booths.

Where are they?

See our comprehensive list of computer locations on campus.

To find the programs on one of these computers, locate the folder named Technology for Learning on the desktop. Note that the exception to this, is the link to the Windows 7 Ease of Access Centre which has it's own shortcut on the desktop.

What do they provide?

ClaroRead Pro V7

A literacy support tool which comprises proof-reading features, such as enhanced spell-checking and grammar-checking, text-to-speech and display features, such as coloured screen overlays and reading rulers. Find out more about ClaroRead.

MindManager 16

This programme allows users to plan and organise their work effectively using a visual layout that can be useful for all students.

Ease of Access Centre

It includes a magnifier and a screen reader as well as many other visual and access options. 


NVDA is a popular free screen reading tool for people with a visual impairment.