What are they?

The Assistive Technology Booths (ATBs) are accessible, single occupancy rooms available for use by students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties or medical condition. They provide a selection of assistive software and hardware that couldn’t practically be provided on the regular Classroom Computers.

Where are they?

Old Aberdeen

  • Edward Wright Building - Ground Floor, Block A, Booth 1 and 2.
  • MacRobert Building - 1st Floor, Room 113a, look for a side door as you enter the large computer room.
  • Library - 1st Floor (107 and 108), 4th Floor (407 and 408)


  • Polwarth Medical Library - located to the left of the issue desk.
  • Suttie Centre - located within the main computer classroom on the ground floor.

How to Access Them

Each booth has proximity card access that is linked to a permissions list that we maintain. If you have been given permission to use these booths, you can hold your card up to the door locks to gain entry. If you are not on this list and would like to have access to the booths, please discuss this with a Disability Adviser or the Assistive Technology Team.

How to book a booth

All of the booths can be booked in advance using our online booking system.

We would ask you to be mindful of the needs of other students when booking and using the booths. Click the links below for some guidelines and ‘DOs and DON’Ts’. Note that there are certain restrictions to when and for how long you can book a booth. This is intended to prevent booth ‘hogging’.

What’s inside

boothEach of the booths has a PC, printer and scanner. Some include an electrically operated height adjustable desk, please contact the Assistive Technology team for further information.

The PC is the same as the Classroom Computers with access to the usual University resources and software.

In addition to this they provide access to additional software and hardware to enhance  overall provision.