Service Description

Library Resource Discovery supports research and teaching through the provision of a one-stop solution for the discovery and delivery of local and remote resources, such as print and electronic books and journals, journal articles, and digital objects. The Resource Discovery system harvests bibliographic, archival and museums metadata from the Library Management systems and the Research Archive (AURA) and interrogates the library catalogue to provide real time availability information.


  • Search and retrieval of bibliographic and availability information relating to locally-held manuscript, print material and physical objects
  • Search and delivery of locally-held electronic resources, including:
    • Full text of electronic PhD and MSc theses
    • Digital versions of archival, manuscript and special collections material
    • Digital versions of photographic material
    • Digital images of Museum objects
    • Digital versions of past exam papers
  • Search and delivery of remotely-held electronic resources, including:
    • Full text of electronic journal articles
    • Full text of electronic books
  • Filtering of results by resource type, date, and other facets
  • Simple and advanced search options
  • Alphabetic and searchable lists of electronic journals
  • Searchable electronic databases by subject area


  • All University of Aberdeen staff and students
  • All registered library users
  • Researchers, students and members of the public

Service Hours

  • The systems are available 24x7 with the exception of a brief period between 4am and 5am each Saturday morning and during any pre-scheduled software upgrades or system maintenance.

Level of Service

The Library Resource Discovery Systems are available to all University of Aberdeen staff and students and are open to the world. Searching of some electronic databases and delivery of most electronic full text content is restricted to University of Aberdeen staff and students.

The systems are maintained and supported by the Library Systems Team within the Applications Management Division. The systems use commercial off the shelf software, with upgrades and additional technical support provided by external suppliers.

Support and Documentation

Request Process

  • Requests for access should be directed to the Information Centre, Sir Duncan Rice Library or by email to

User Responsibility


  • The Library Resource Discovery service is funded by Library, Special Collections and Museums and provided at no cost to end users.