Database Hosting (MySQL)

Database Hosting (MySQL)

Service Description

The University provides a database management service (DBMS) controlled by MariaDB software, which is MySQL compatible. This allows users to create relational databases to query and manipulate data with the Structured Query Language (SQL).

Databases are commonly used behind web applications but are not limited to this purpose.

The service is only accessible to on-campus resources.


  •  Database Management Service
  • Creation and manipulation of databases
  • PHPMyAdmin to access/manipulate databases


  •  All University of Aberdeen staff
  • All University of Aberdeen students
  • Additional accounts (on request)

Service Hours

24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Level of Service

The DBMS is administered centrally by IT Services, but the individual databases are administered by the owners.

Backup and Restore

Databases and database logs are centrally backed up periodically, but this is primarily for disaster recovery.

It is still appropriate for database owners to make their own backups prior to making changes.

Support and Documentation

Documentation for MariaDB is provided on the MariaDB website.

Request Process

To request a database simply login to this University of Aberdeen site. This is only available on campus.

Then access our MySQL Administration site and create databases. Again, this is only available on campus.

Finally, you can use any valid MySQL/MariaDB client to access the database server at

User Responsibility

Database owners are responsible for their databases and content.

Database owners are responsible for keeping their database username and password safe, and not sharing these credentials with others.

Database owners should not provide web applications which allow access to their databases from off-campus.

Users are expected to comply with the University’s Information Security Policy and Conditions for using IT Services (see our Policy Zone).


MariaDB is provided free of charge to staff and students.