Wired Network

Wired Network

Service Description

IT Services provides a centrally-managed wired network service that allows registered users access to the network-based resources from the University and the wider internet.


  • Wired Network access is available from most University academic, administrative and residential buildings
  • Some wired eduroam ports are provided in libraries and residences
  • This service includes our IP addressing, DNS and DHCP functions
  • This service includes our web filtering
  • This service includes all elements of the networking in our data centres
  • This service supports many other functions including parts of our telephony system, our building management systems an our security systems


  • All members of the University
  • Visiting eduroam users may use eduroam ports

Service Hours

  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Level of Service


  • Personal devices may be used on eduroam.
  • Access to all other parts of the wired network service is only available to UoA owned and registered devices.
  • The University’s Network Connection Policy details further restrictions.


  • Occasional maintenance is required on the service and as such will often result in an ‘at risk’ period. Where possible this will occur on a weekday between 7am and 9am and be advertised on IT Services Service News web pages.

Support and Documentation

  • Some aspects of this service (e.g. web filtering) are discussed in the staff and student sections of our website.
  • IT Services provide support from our Service Desks to assist with connecting to any of the wired network services.
  • Queries relating to other aspects of this service can be raise with our Service Desks.

Request Process

  • Connectivity is usual arranged for you during the installation or move of your PC/phone/device.
  • Requests for connectivity can be made by contacting one of our Service Desks.

User Responsibility


  • There is no cost for the use of the main wired network services.