IT Support to Third Party Organisations

IT Support to Third Party Organisations

Service Description

Note: Third party organisations are any that have a legal status independent of the University, for example spin outs, charities, and other tenants/organisations housed in University owned premises. 

IT Services offer the following support to third party organisations: 

  • Internet connectivity and telephony services. 

Important to note:

  • Services are dependent on location and existing networking facilities and cannot be guaranteed until an evaluation has been made by IT Services, in liaison with Research and Innovation.
  • Where University of Aberdeen provided Internet connectivity or telephony services are not required, organisations may be able to commission services via an external Service Provider. This will require consultation with Estates and IT Services.
  • Organisations are responsible for the supply and support or all equipment required to secure and make use of an IT Services provided network connection. IT Services provide no network security services in such instances.
  • Wireless services must be managed such that they do not have a detrimental effect on existing University services. 

Service Available

  • An Internet connection, by negotiation
  • Where possible, and by arrangement, University managed wireless connectivity to the tenant’s own network
  • Where possible, and by arrangement, wireless connectivity to the tenant’s own network using their own wireless access points in University buildings
  • Access to UoA Telephone Services (telephone numbers will remain the property of the University and are not transferrable)
  • Access to UoA public services, as available to any member of the general public
  • IT Services support in respect of those service listed above 

The following services are not available by default but can be considered as part of the negotiations referred to above:

  • Access to the UoA wired network 
  • Access to UoA wireless networks 
  • Access to UoA print services
  • Purchase of IT equipment via UoA
  • Access to any other IT Services support or services


This service offering is aimed at the following types of organisations; those that are accommodated in University premises with formal leasing agreements:

  • Spin outs, once they have created an independent and legal entity. Up to this point, ‘organisations’ will have the same entitlement as other staff.
  • Charities 
  • Other University partners that have legal status independent of the University
  • Users with University status, working on University business, will have access to IT Support appropriate to their status and location

Service Hours

  • Connectivity/telephony issues may be reported at any time to the IT Service Desk.

Request Process

Call the IT Service Desk on 01224 273636 or email or contact your IT Relationship Manager.

Level of Service

The service is our standard offering across the University. IT Services will always work with suppliers to restore services as soon as possible. 

User Responsibility

All organisations and connected users of University IT Services Systems and Support are subject to and must comply with following policies: 


  • Connectivity costs must be built in to building leasing agreements

  • Telephony costs (line rental and call charges) will be billed monthly