Service Description

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a free (but not open source) web application for developing and managing data collection, online surveys, and databases. While there are multiple survey solutions available, REDCap is the preferred solution for NHS projects, studies requiring collaboration with (or authenticated data entry by) non-UoA members, and longitudinal studies of the same cohort. Building and deployment of REDCap instruments can be performed entirely through a web interface to our institutional instance of REDCap. Data collected by surveys hosted there are stored on a secure server owned and operated by the University of Aberdeen.


  • Repeat surveys/measurements
  • Collaborations/multiple users
  • Personal and sensitive data
  • Internal and external audiences
  • Mobile device delivery


  • Extract data to SPSS
  • Extract data to CSV
  • Manage cohorts via mailing lists
  • Schedule communications including reminders
  • Can anonymise returns
  • Workflows and/or routing
  • Document upload available
  • Design process supported on all platforms


  • UoA staff (inc. honorary) and PGR students (on provision of supervisor’s contact details).
  • Externals (if project includes at least one UoA affiliated member (includes honorary).
  • Funded research projects may be built and hosted on behalf of external staff/NHS clinicians.
  • Privileges extended to user accounts (example: ability request survey be pushed to be production) to be discussed with digital research on account setup.

Service Hours

  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Level of Service

REDCap is supported by the Digital Research Services Team and appointments are available to staff and students requiring assistance.

  • Survey Development is self-service
  • Design service available subject to availability/requirements (See Costs below)
  • Support to launch available
  • Backup and Restore of items: Backed up as per University backup policy.

Users will be notified in advance of scheduled downtime through REDCap’s in-built messaging system.

Support and Documentation

Multiple members of the REDCap consortium have produced documentation and manuals which are publicly available online. However, there is a large amount of diversity between institutions in terms of REDCap software version, configuration and system administration. Some caution is therefore needed as information in online documentation may not apply to the current REDCap version operated by UoA.

  • You can learn more about REDCap by watching a brief summary video.
  • Quick video tutorials of REDCap in action and an overview of its features are available in the Training Resources page.
  • A REDCap Help and FAQ is accessible after login with a REDCap account. 
  • Some short introductory videos have also been produced by the REDCap project. 
  • Training / troubleshooting can be provided on request to the Digital Research Team.

User Responsibility

  • Users must comply with all relevant University policies and guidance (see policy zone) including:
    • Data Protection Policy
    • Information Security Policy
    • Research Data Management Policy and Guidance
    • Conditions for using IT Services
    • Records Management Policy
  • Users are expected to familiarize themselves with relevant legislation such as:
    • Data Protection Act (DPA)
    • UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR)
    • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)
  • Users must ensure that they have appropriate ethical approval and have assessed whether there is a need to perform a Data Protection Impact Assessment before launching a survey.
  • Principal investigators of research projects and supervisors of students are responsible for ensuring compliance with the above.


  • There is no cost associated with access to or use of REDCap.
  • Creation/deployment of bespoke instruments for a research project can be undertaken on a cost recovery basis (subject to staff availability) and should be costed into the user’s grant application.
  • Contact: