Macleod HPC for Teaching

Macleod HPC for Teaching

Service Description

The Macleod HPC facilitates staff and student access to HPC services for teaching and learning purposes. The purpose of Macleod is to enable students to learn the tools and techniques to solve complex computationally intensive research problems.

  • Lecturing staff can use resource to deliver related teaching
  • Staff and student access for testing HPC functionality
  • Student access for mini projects (e.g., 4th year and MSc projects)


Resources: Please see full details of Macleod resources here.

  • CPU cores for general computing
  • GPU resources for AI and deep learning problems
  • User management for class use on request
  • Class training on how to use HPC on request or via scheduled courses


  • Teaching Staff
  • PGRs
  • Students

See Request Process below for important information for all users.

Service Hours

  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with the following exceptions:
    • Planned outages which will be notified in advance
    • Unplanned outage may interrupt services, but services will be re-instated at earliest convenience

Note: Service issues will also be posted in DDIS Service News

Level of Service

  • Availability: See service hours above
  • Backups: User Home Directories are the only storage on Macleod that is backed up. Scared scratch space is NOT backed up. Users should retain a copy of their data on university managed servers (e.g., on home drive or OneDrive).
  • Restrictions: Macleod is a teaching and learning resource, facilitating the delivery of in-class and remote teaching. It also is available for other related activities – see Service Description above. Users requiring more substantial compute power, should request access to Maxwell here.

Support and Documentation

For additional support, please contact

Request Process

  • Staff: Request access here. Please complete all details requested as this helps us understand use and to make the case for future resourcing. Staff must register classes each relevant semester so that we can check for timetable clashes/heavy load)

Student accounts also need to be added to HPC. Once we have the Course number, we will access the class details in SRS and upload them to avoid a manual exercise. However, any changes to the initial upload (students joining or leaving the course) will need to be notified to , so they can be added or removed). 

Where it is not possible to access the student cohort’s details via SRS, staff will be asked to supply the names and usernames of students to at least 10 working days in advance of access date.

  • Students: Can request access to Macleod out with class time to test HPC functionality and/or carry out mini research projects (e.g., 4th year or MSc projects). Access for these purposes can be requested here.

User Responsibility

Users must comply with all relevant University policies and guidance (see policy zone), including:

  • Data Protection Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Conditions for using IT Services
  • Research Data Management Policy and Guidance

Principal investigators of research projects and supervisors of students are responsible for ensuring compliance with the above.


There are no charges to access Macleod resources.