University ID cards and door entry

University ID cards and door entry

Ongoing upgrade of card readers. If you access restricted areas or a building out of hours, your ID card may need updated.


What is happening?

To increase security on campus we are required to replace a number of our door entry readers. As a result, the electronic information stored on your University of Aberdeen ID card will need to be updated.

This will affect those who have access to specific restricted areas or require to be onsite out of hours. If you do not update your ID card then you may be unable to pass through secure doors once the new door entry readers have been installed.


What should you do?

We will send targeted communications to each building affected, providing information on how and when to upgrade your ID card.

If you wish to upgrade your card prior to this then please visit the IT Service Desks in the Edward Wright Building or Polwarth Building.  The update only takes only a few seconds and once complete, you will not need to have it updated again.

It is planned that additional card upgrade devices will be available at other locations as the programme progresses.