Changes to Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

Changes to Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

From 31 July 2016 our new Creative Cloud for Education license will be by annual subscription

What is happening?

Our agreement with Adobe expires on the 31 July 2016. Adobe licensing has changed to a subscription-only model and we are unable to renew our current, site license model. Our new Creative Cloud for Education license will be by annual subscription.

How will this affect you?

If you have any Adobe Creative Cloud software installed on your University of Aberdeen PC, it will cease to function on 31 July and will need to be uninstalled. If you still require Creative Cloud software after that date, you will need to purchase a new license. Your new license will give you access to the latest updates at no extra cost for the year.

What do you need to do now?

If you would like to purchase a license for Creative Cloud, please email with the Subject line Adobe CC License Request and indicating in the message body which of the subscription options you would like:

• Named User subscription – allows a specified user to install the software on up to 2 devices

• Device Based subscription – for one device used by multiple users

If you do not purchase a license by the 31st July 2016, IT Services will remove the software from your computer in order to remain compliant with our license agreement.

Are there alternatives?

The University’s has free, open source alternatives that may suit your image editing needs. You can download these from the Software Center – further information can be found in the links below:

• Inkscape (vector drawing, similar to Illustrator)

• GIMP (image manipulation, similar to Photoshop)

• ImageJ (image processing and analysis, used widely in life sciences)