IT Outage Tonight - Wednesday 1 June

IT Outage Tonight - Wednesday 1 June

Shared Drives and other services may be unavailable - Wednesday 1 June

What is happening?

You will not be able to access some services this evening, Wednesday 1 June.

Please reboot your University computer on returning to work on Thursday 2 June to make sure your Shared Drives are connected.

Affected Service

Day and date

Scheduled downtime


Wednesday 1 June

6pm - 8pm

Staff Desktops & Classroom Computers

Wednesday 1 June

8pm - 7am

Shared Drives (e.g. R: S: and T:)

Wednesday 1 June

8pm - 7am

The impact on Staff and Classroom PCs should be low. However, as it is not possible to be precise about the exact time of the outage, we are warning of risk to these services throughout the night.

What should you do?

If you will be working on documents that are stored on your Shared Drives during the outage, please save your work locally onto your hard drive or a USB drive and copy the files back to the Shared Drive after this period.

More details on the data storage project can be found at

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