Enabling BitLocker encryption on University laptops

BitLocker encryption will be enabled on all University laptops

What is happening?

From Thursday 13 November, we will be enabling BitLocker encryption on all University laptops.

If you have a University supplied laptop, please read on.

For some time now, all new laptops issued by IT Services have been delivered with Microsoft BitLocker enabled. BitLocker is supplied as part of Windows 7 and its purpose is to encrypt the contents of a device’s hard drive. This means that if your laptop is lost or stolen, the data on it cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

How this affects you

If your University laptop was issued to you in the last 12 months, you don’t need to do anything. BitLocker is already enabled and you will notice no change.

If your laptop predates when we started enabling BitLocker, you will be presented with some onscreen prompts that require your attention the next time that you connect the laptop to the network. Follow our guidelines to complete the encryption of your laptop.