UPDATE 3: University Power Outage

Some further services restored.

What is happening?

Further to our earlier message.  Please find below an update on the recovery of University services. The main item of note is a change in status with regard to ERegistration.

Services back online since last update

  • New account provisioning
  • Digitool

Service Update

  • ERegistration – The service is online though due to the power outage some students are seeing unexpected errors.  These will be corrected overnight tonight.

Services Offline

  • Student Portal
  • Crystal Reports
  • Seislab
  • Dial zero switchboard – Not functioning for one telephone controller.  If zero is not working for you then call 01224 272000.

The offline items above have all suffered some form of hardware failure and require third party replacement parts.

We will issue a further IT Service News early next week with regard to the recovery of the remaining items.  Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.