Apple Mac Security Advice

Advice for Apple Mac users regarding Shellshock / BASH vulnerability

What is happening?

A vulnerability, known as Shellshock / BASH, affecting Unix based computer systems has been widely publicised over the past two weeks.  The University have taken steps to patch centrally controlled IT systems.  The vulnerability also affects some Apple Mac computer systems that have configured advanced UNIX services.  The vast majority of Apple Mac OS X users are not at risk as they will not have enabled advanced UNIX services, however we would recommend that you update and patch your Apple Mac using the instructions below.

What should you do?

Check your Mac Version:

  • Check your version of Mac OS by clicking on the Apple menu then about this Mac
  • Shellshock / BASH Patches are available for versions 10.7.5 (Snow Leopard), 10.8 (Leopard) and 10.9 (Mavericks).
  • If your Mac has version 10.7 or earlier then there is no patch available.  We would recommend upgrading your Mac to a later release of the operating system.

Apply Mac software update & BASH update

  • Choose Apple menu then Software Update (if prompted enter an admin name and password)
  • Click "Update All" to install all available software updates.
  • Download and then apply BASH patch if you have enabled advanced Unix Services as this patch does not come through automatically from the software update centre.
  • Download link for BASH patch

We hope this information is of use for the University Mac community.