Upgrade to Student E-mail on 06 September 2013

Upgrade to Student E-mail on 06 September 2013

Planned update to Student email

What is happening?

On Friday 6th September 2013, starting at 00:01, Microsoft will be upgrading your mailbox to the latest Office 365 service; this is the final stage of the upgrade process carried out over the summer.

Here’s what you should expect during the service upgrade:

• If you are using Outlook when your email is upgraded, you will be asked to close and re-open Outlook.
• If you happen to be checking your email with the Outlook Web App when your email account is updated, you may need to sign-out and sign back in.

After the service upgrade, you’ll notice that there’s a new Outlook Web App.

Use this link to Learn about the changes to the Outlook Web App

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