INFORMATION :: Scheduled service outages: 19 Nov–19 Dec

Scheduled maintenance as part of the Data Centre Refurbishment project

What is happening?

As part of the Data Centre refurbishment project, some key IT services will be at risk or unavailable during the period 19 November – 19 December.

To minimize disruption to you, we have published a matrix of planned outages. You can download this from the project web page at

What should you do?

Please take the time to look at this matrix to see if a service you rely on will be affected. If it is not on the list, it will not be affected.

The following code is in use:

  • Green = no planned outage for the service on that day. The service is available.
  • Yellow = the service is at risk on the day and at the time indicated. If you are using the service during this period, you should save work regularly
  • Red = the service is not available on the day and at the time indicated. We have discussed this outage with the business owner and they are aware of the impact.

If you have serious issues with the timing of the work, please contact the Service Desk.  Please note, however, that given the nature of the work being carried out, there are very limited opportunities to reschedule.

Will I get a reminder of outages?

Two working days before a service outage IT Services will send a reminder to the business owner who will circulate this information to service users as appropriate.