Upgrade of Questionmark Perception on Monday 8 October: Unavailable all day and at risk for 24 hours

Upgrade of Questionmark Perception on Monday 8 October: Unavailable all day and at risk for 24 hours

From 08.00 – 17.00 hours on Monday 8 October Questionmark Perception, online assessment software, will be unavailable as it is being upgraded to version 5.4 and at risk for 24 hours.

What is happening?

The upgrade will result in:

  • Formative tests and summative exams delivered through the same portal, making it easier to manage different types of assessments
  • Robust load balanced environment, ideal for high-stakes summative exams
  • Enhanced integration with MyAberdeen, with results (best, latest, highest) appearing automatically in the Grade Centre of MyAberdeen
  • The option to save assessments automatically at regular intervals, enabling students to resume assessments
  • Enhancements such as: Analytics (new reporting system), workplace observational assessments, avoid previously delivered questions, print feedback button and updated user interface and login screen

The hardware will also be upgraded, resulting in a new improved system, which is more resilient and scalable.

Can I continue working in Questionmark Perception?

You can continue working in Questionmark Perception, creating and updating assessments until Sunday 7 October, as all your work will be transferred across to the new system. You will hopefully be able to resume work in Questionmark Perception at 17.00 hours on Monday 8 October, although it may not be available until 8.00 hours on Tuesday 9 October.

What should I do?

Please note that any bookmarks that you have to Questionmark Perception (qmp1 and qmp2) will need to change and if you have Authoring Manager, this will have to be upgraded in order for you to continue using it; please contact the Service Desk for advice.

Who should I contact for further information?

If you have any queries about the upgrade and its implications to your assessments please contact the eLearning team, Centre for Learning & Teaching, by emailing clt@abdn.ac.uk