Upgrade of SPSS software to version 20 - Tuesday 31 July

SPSS software upgraded to version 20

What is happening?

The license for SPSS software has been renewed for another year - this only covers the University for SPSS version 20.  

The original licence covering version 19 will expire at 23:59 on Tuesday July 31st and version 19 will stop functioning completely after a short ‘grace period’. During this ‘grace period’, you will receive a warning that the licence is due to expire every time you use SPSS.  

If you currently have SPSS version 19 installed on your campus PC, we will be automatically updating this to version 20 on Tuesday 31st July.  

What should you do?

If you have SPSS version 19 installed on your campus PC, please ensure that your PC is rebooted on Tuesday 31 July in order to install version 20. (NB: It may need more than one reboot to complete the install)

If you also use SPSS version 19 on a personal machine then you will need to remove this and install version 20 using the instructions located within the Statistics section of the Software Download service (http://www.abdn.ac.uk/local/download)

If you encounter any issues with the campus installation, please contact the Service Desk