Printing, MyAberdeen, Student Portal and Password Resets - Things you need to know

Some guidance on common issues.

What is happening?

Over the past couple of weeks the most common problems, reported to the DIT Service Desk, by New and Returning Students have been with Printing, MyAberdeen, Student Portal and Password Resets.  Listed below is some guidance to help you work around or understand why you may be experiencing some of these issues.  Please do take the time to read through this, it might help you understand what your specific issue might be, speed up any enquiry at the DIT Service Desk or indeed may help you avoid queuing at the DIT Service Desk.

Student Printing

The new printing system uses both network printers and multi-functional devices (MFD) that allow you to print, scan and photocopy.  There have been some teething problems with this system, including problems with payments not appearing on student print budgets’.

If you have made a payment to your print budget since the start of term, which was debited from your bank card but has not appeared on your print budget, please visit Edward Wright building, block A Reception or Service Desk in room G83. Please bring your confirmation email from E-Payments with you, so that we have a note of the transaction ID, date and time of debit. 

NOTE: when you access the printers, you should use your student ID card as authentication, by placing the card against the “Safecom” card reader on the device (MFDs, but not printers, will also allow you to login with your computer userID & password, by touching the user interface screen).  If you are having problems with your ID card not being recognised, please check that you have activated your ID card through  If you do have to activate your card, it will only be available to use on a printer/MFD the following day.

If issues are encountered using a printer – you should also check your print budget at to ensure that you have sufficient credit.


Login to MyAberdeen is dependent on your being fully matriculated with the University.  This means that you should have:

  • Completed all quadrants of your E-Registration and each part (including finance) have been verified and approved.
  • Seen your adviser of studies and confirmed your courses with them.  They should have entered them into your Student Record for this academic session.  It may be worth checking whether this has been done with your School Office. 
  • Allow 48 hours to pass after all of these steps have been completed.

Student Portal

On occasion, we have some students who unfortunately do not get a Student Portal account created automatically.  If you are able to login to your email and to MyAberdeen, but cannot login to your Student Portal, then please visit the Service Desk at G83 Edward Wright building. If you cannot log in to MyAberdeen either, then see the section on MyAberdeen above.

Password Resets

If you completed the registration for Password Manager during your E-Registration process, you will be able to use the self-service system in order to reset your password.

Please visit Password Manager at and follow the instructions provided.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it may well speed up any enquiry you have with the Service Desk.

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