Major Power Outage - Wednesday 6 October

Major Power Outage - Wednesday 6 October

Some network connectivity issues after power outage

What is happening?

We experienced an unexpected power outage across much of Aberdeen last night. This caused some IT services to become unavailable. These services have now been restored but unfortunately the outage also affected a significant amount of network equipment located locally in each building.  It appears that a limited amount of this equipment is not functioning and DIT Engineers are currently rectifying service in the areas still affected.

What should you do?  

We are aware that Zoology and Hillhead are still affected, and we have engineers visiting these locations for further investigation and trying to restore service in these areas.

If you are not within these areas and are experiencing any issues with service connectivity, please contact the DIT Service Desk using the relevant details below.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.      

Should you have any concerns or queries please contact the DIT Service Desk: