Problems with webproxy - Wednesday 10th March 2010

Problems with webproxy - Wednesday 10th March 2010

Intermittent problems with Sophos updating and devices that use specific proxy settings

What is happening?

We are currently experiencing intermittent problems with the proxy service that began around 16:30 yesterday. Most PCs should now be connecting to the internet successfully however, Sophos may be failing to update.

We are also still experiencing problems with any mobile devices, connecting via our wireless service, that use specific proxy settings eg. PDA, some Mac laptops, etc. DIT engineers are working on fixing this.

What should you do?

You do not need to do anything regarding the Sophos updates.

If you are connecting a mobile device to the wireless service and are having problems viewing webpages, please check your proxy settings and try removing any references to Information on how to check your proxy settings are at

If you are still having problems, please contact the Servicedesk.