Removal of IMAP e-mail service

IMAP server to be switched off on 1 February

What is happening?

In 2007, the University adopted Microsoft Outlook as the standard e-mail service for all staff and research postgraduates. This replaced both Eudora and Squirrelmail.

Behind the scenes, we introduced the Microsoft Exchange Server to store e-mail data, and by June 2007, all user mail accounts were migrated from the old IMAP mail server to Microsoft Exchange.

Until now, we have continued to allow access to the IMAP mail server via Outlook (or other mail client, e.g. Entourage) in order to facilitate the moving of essential data from old Eudora and Squirrelmail mail folders to Exchange. However, the infrastructure that supports this service is now no longer supported by the vendor and cannot be maintained, resulting in the reluctant decision to remove this service. As such this service will now cease on 1 February 2010, when the IMAP mail server will be switched off.

What should you do?

  • If you know that you still require access to data on the IMAP server, you should archive this data to your H: drive before 1 February 2010.
    • For guidelines on how to do this, see:
    • We hope you will take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning, and delete unwanted or outdated e-mails from your old mail folders.
  • If you are unsure whether you still have an IMAP account set up in Outlook or Entourage, find out how to check, and what to do if you have, at

Further help

If you need assistance moving or archiving folders (for example, you may be not be using Outlook or Entourage to access your IMAP folders), or if you have any other queries about the termination of the IMAP e-mail service, please contact the Service Desk: