Essential maintenance to University Telephone System

Essential maintenance to University Telephone System

Maintenance scheduled for between 21:00 Saturday 10 October and 07:00 Sunday 11 October

What is happening?

On Saturday 10 October, our Telephone Network Suppliers need to carry out essential maintenance to protect the integrity of the network. This work will take place between 21:00 Saturday 10 October and 07:00 Sunday 11 October 2009. As a result all of the telephone numbers in the following range will not be able to receive external calls during this period:

  • 01224 272000-274999
  • 01224 437000-438999

All telephone extensions will be able to make outgoing calls, via the University's backup service.

There will be no external calls able to be made to or from the Student Telephone Service throughout this period.

Internal calls between University extensions, and/or the Student Telephone Service, and/or Foresterhill will not be affected.

All telephones connected to the NHS Grampian exchange numbers will be unaffected. These are numbers in the following range:

  • 01224 550000-559999

What should you do?

During this time, there will probably be interruptions to the telephone services, as a result we would recommend that you do not initiate any long calls during the outage. If you have a telephone with an extension number listed above you should not be able to receive incoming calls. If you do receive an incoming call, you should keep the conversation brief as the call may be disconnected without notice.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Should you have any concerns or queries please contact the DIT Service Desk: