New login for SRS/Accommodation - Mon 25 July

New login for SRS/Accommodation

What is happening?

From Mon 25 July, you will be able to access Student Records and Accommodation systems from any browser on Windows.

To facilitate this, there will be a new login process.

Java is still required to access these systems. If you do not have Java installed, you will be able to download from the Software Center. 

If you are using a Mac or Linux device, you will need to access these systems via the VDI.

What should you do?

To login to these systems from the 25 July:

• On your preferred browser, navigate to the login screen as you would normally.
• You will then be presented with a new style login screen, as shown below.

• Enter your usual University userID and password.
• Next, you will need to select the system that you require from the drop-down menu and click ‘Access System’

• Depending on your browser, you will then be prompted to save or open a .jnlp file.
• Open or run this file to complete the login to the required system. You will need to do this each time you log in to these systems. Once logged in, the systems will run as normal.