Introducing MindGenius

Replacement for MindManager

Introducing MindGenius

We have a new site license for MindGenius. This replaces the mindmapping application, MindManager, which we are switching from due to licensing changes. MindManager files will still open in MindGenius.

MindGenius is a mind mapping application that allows students and staff to capture and visualise ideas and information.  MindGenius helps with collaborative learning, essays, project management, class presentations, study, mind mapping, lesson planning and more. For information on getting started with MindGenius, see

To install MindGenius, please follow the instructions below.

University Managed Windows Devices
Go to the Software Center on your computer, search for MindGenius and install.

Personal Devices and University Managed Macs
PC users can download and install MindGenious on their personal computer. Mac users can use MindGenius Online. Please login to the Software Download Site and navigate to the MindGenius folder to download instructions for obtaining and installing the software.