Security update deadlines and required restarts

Security update deadlines and required restarts

Additional security on University Windows devices has been added and, from Thursday 13 February, you may see prompts to restart these PCs within a specific timeframe.

What is happening?

Currently all University Windows devices have Windows Security updates installed automatically during a maintenance window.

From Thursday 13 February, if your Windows device misses this maintenance window you will see a countdown to restart notification initially, followed by a required restart if the device is not restarted by the deadline.

What do I need to do?

Your Windows PC will be enrolled in this process automatically. We will issue another communication containing screenshots and taking you through what you need to do if your PC enters the countdown process. Please also review the FAQ below.


I run long simulations on my PC

We have a High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC Maxwell) that may be able to run this workload more efficiently. Please see the HPCC web site for more information:

I have a signed agreement for patching specialised lab equipment. Will this change affect me?

No. Your signed agreement remains in place and you are responsible for processing updates and restarting as before on a weekly basis.
I turn my PC off at the wall

We will attempt to wake PCs for a maintenance window so updates/restarts can happen 1am-5am Saturday (other days 1am-5am are available on request). If you switch off your PC, it will miss this maintenance window and you will be prompted with a restart countdown the next time you login.

Why is this happening?

This is in direct response to recent cyber-attacks against Higher Education institutions and as part of our commitment to Cyber Essentials and other security audits.