MFD outages - tonight, Thurs 30 Aug, from 5pm

MFDs will be unavailable tonight, Thursday 30th August, between 5-8pm.

What is happening?

You will not be able to use the MFDs for printing, scanning or copying tonight, Thursday 30th August, between 5-8pm.

What should you do?

Tonight from 5pm to 8pm - Please do not try and use the network printers for printing or copying. If you do try to use them then you may experience multiple error messages or failed prints.

After 8pm and Friday -  if you see a MFD with out of service or a similar message then please turn the device off at the wall, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on again.  Should the device still have problems then contact the IT Service Desk.

Why is this happening?

We have to shut down the MFD service to remedy a recurring issue. We installed security updates on our printing servers. Since that point we have experienced problems with print charging.  Maintenance work over the past 2 nights has been unable to fix the charging problem so we now need to recover the print servers from a backup.