IT Security Update - Meltdown & Spectre

IT Security Update - Meltdown & Spectre

An update regarding the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws.

What is happening?

IT Services teams, have been actively updating IT servers and desktop systems in order to install critical security patches for the widely reported security flaws. We thought it useful to pass on some advice and recommended actions: 

  1. IT Maintenance Windows – 1am to 5am Saturday – From tomorrow, and every Saturday morning, Windows desktop computers in the University will wake in order to run a full virus scan, install any pending patches and then reboot (if required).  Please note:  If you have locked your PC but left it logged on then the PC would still reboot.


  2. University Linux desktops – IT Services staff have patched the Linux desktop computers that are known to us.  We know there are some academics and researchers that require control of their own Linux build.  Our strong recommendation is to install essential Linux patches as released by manufacturers.


  3. Security Training – It is essential that all staff complete the IT Security Training that was communicated before Christmas.  You can access the security training here –


  4. Home Computers & Mobile Devices – We strongly recommend that you follow manufacturers’ advice and install any essential patches as they release them. Critical updates have been released this week by most major computer hardware and software vendors including HP, Dell, Microsoft and Apple.  iPad and iPhone devices should be updated as well.

We deploy a wide range of technical measures to protect you while working on University systems and networks, but technology alone is not enough to protect us. In the end, it’s down to people. You are our best line of defence.

Thank you for your understanding.