IT Outage - Tuesday 24 October

IT outage impacting on Staff and Students Home drive and Shared drives

What is happening?


There have been further power outages at our second IT Data Centre at Garthdee overnight.The outage is currently affecting the following services:

- STEM VDI service

- Student and some staff “H” drives may be affected

- Access to some shared drives

- A limited number of corporate systems


Please note: Teaching will be impacted by the outage as students cannot currently access their network based “H” drives. H drives are required when logging on to classroom computers.


We are working with our Data Centre partners to identify the cause of the power fault and implement a workaround solution that provides stable service.  Our engineers are actively recovering services. Due to the nature of the power fault we could see further power outages during the course of today.



We apologise for the inconvenience.