We offer a wealth of services, facilities and information resources. To help you use them more effectively we produce a large number of free guides in PDF format. Printed copies of some of these publications may be obtained from Library branches.

The key for the order codes below is as follows:

  • QG = Quick Guide
  • UG = Detailed User Guide
  • FS = Fact sheet
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Guides A-Z

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  Order Code
ABI/INFORM Complete - quick guide QG BUS001
Common Legal Abbreviations QG LAW006
Medical Library - jargon buster UG MED002
Accessing electronic information QG DBS005
Accessing NHS Knowledge Network content on an AU computer QG MED010
Accessible Library facilities and services QG GEN002
ATLA (American Theological Library Association) - quick guide QG DIV002
Anthropology - how to find anthropological resources QG SOC001
AnthropologyPlus - quick guide QG SOC010
Art and Architecture Complete QG ARTS003
Article processing charges deals QG OA002
Avoiding plagiarism QG GEN027



  Order Code
Binding - see Print Shop and UniPrint: binding, design and printing services at the University  
Books - how do I find a book using Primo? QG DBS001
Business - quick guide to accountancy and management resources QG BUS002


By Subject

Guides by Subject

Arts & Humanities (The Sir Duncan Rice Library)

Art and Architecture Complete Jun-16 QG ARTS003
ATLA (American Theological Library Association) – quick guide Jul-16 QG DIV002
Celtic and Anglo-Saxon - quick guide to Celtic
and Anglo-Saxon resources
Jul-16 QG CELT001
Divinity - quick guide to divinity & religious studies resources Jul-16 QG DIV001
Ebook Central - a quick guide Mar-17 QG DBS004
Film and Visual Culture - quick guide to film and visual culture resources Jun-16 QG FILM001
History - quick guide to history resources Jul-16 QG HIS001
History of Art - quick guide to history of art resources Jul-16 QG ARTS001
Literature - quick guide to English literature resources Jul-16 QG LIT001
Literature Online (LION) – quick guide Jul-16 QG LIT002
Modern Languages - quick guide to modern languages resources Jul-16 QG MOD001
Philosophy - quick guide to philosophy resources Jul-16 QG PHIL001
Welcome to the Library Service May-16 QG GEN001


Business (The Sir Duncan Rice Library)

ABI/INFORM Complete - quick guide Apr-16 QG BUS001
Business - quick guide to accountancy and management resources Apr-16 QG BUS002
Ebook Central - a quick guide Mar-17 QG DBS004
Economics, Finance and Property - quick guide to resources Apr-16 QG EC001
Referencing for business students - quick guide Apr-16 QG BUS003
Welcome to the Library Service May-16 QG GEN001


Education (The Sir Duncan Rice Library)

Counselling - how to find to counselling resources Jul-16 QG EDU011
Ebook Central - a quick guide Mar-17 QG DBS004
Education - how to find education resources Jul-16 QG EDU001
Education resources - how to find scholarly information Jul-16 QG EDU004
Library and information resources for
distance learners on education courses
Jul-16 QG EDU003
Music - how to find music resources Jul-16 QG EDU006
Referencing for Education students - a guide to Jul-16 UG EDU010
Referencing for Music students - a guide to Mar-17 UG EDU012
Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM)
- Abstracts of Music Literature – quick guide
Jul-15 QG EDU007
Teaching Resource Collection - how to find education resources Jul-16 UG EDU005
Welcome to the Library Service May-16 QG GEN001


Special Collections


Welcome to the Special Collections Centre Jul-15 QG HCOL001
Manuscripts and archives Dec-14 QG HCOL003
Special Collections of printed materials Jul-15 QG HCOL004
Donation and deposit of records Jun-15 QG HCOL006
Local Collection of printed material Nov-16 QG HCOL055
University history bibliography Nov-16 QG HCOL057


Photographic resources


Sound recordings Jun-15 QG HCOL009
Map and plan resources in Special Collections Dec-14 QG HCOL054
Newspaper resources in Special Collections Nov-16 QG HCOL056


Agriculture and farming resources Dec-14 QG HCOL013
Architectural resources Dec-14 QG HCOL014
Art and artists resources Dec-14 QG HCOL015
Business records Dec-14 QG HCOL016
Ecclesiastical resources Dec-14 QG HCOL017
Family and estate papers Dec-14 QG HCOL018
Family history resources Dec-14 QG HCOL005
Fishing resources Dec-14 QG HCOL019
Government and political resources Dec-14 QG HCOL020
Hebraica and Judaica resources Dec-14 QG HCOL008
Jacobite resources Dec-14 QG HCOL021
Labour history resources Dec-14 QG HCOL022
Legal history resources Dec-14 QG HCOL023
Literary resources Dec-14 QG HCOL024
Medical resources Dec-14 QG HCOL007
Military resources Dec-14 QG HCOL025
Natural history resources Dec-14 QG HCOL026
Oil and gas industry resources Jun-15 QG HCOL011
Organisations’ records Dec-14 QG HCOL027
Paper manufacturing, printing and publishing resources Dec-14 QG HCOL028
Performing arts resources Dec-14 QG HCOL029
Personal papers Dec-14 QG HCOL030
School and teacher training resources Dec-14 QG HCOL031
Scientific resources Dec-14 QG HCOL032
Sermon resources Dec-14 QG HCOL033
Slave trade resources Dec-14 QG HCOL034
Transport resources Dec-14 QG HCOL035
Travel diaries and journals Dec-14 QG HCOL036
University staff resources Dec-14 QG HCOL037
University student and alumni society resources Dec-14 QG HCOL038
University student lecture notes Dec-14 QG HCOL039
University student resources Dec-14 QG HCOL040
Women’s history resources Dec-14 QG HCOL041
World War One resources Jun-15 QG HCOL012
World War Two resources Dec-14 QG HCOL042


Aberdeen City Dec-14 QG HCOL043
Aberdeenshire Dec-14 QG HCOL044
Banffshire, Morayshire and Nairnshire Dec-14 QG HCOL045
Highlands and Islands Dec-14 QG HCOL046
Kincardineshire Dec-14 QG HCOL047
Old Aberdeen Dec-14 QG HCOL048
Africa Dec-14 QG HCOL049
Americas Dec-14 QG HCOL050
Asia Dec-14 QG HCOL051
Circumpolar regions Dec-14 QG HCOL052
Oceania Dec-14 QG HCOL053


Law & Official Publications (Taylor Library)

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations and the AU Library catalogue Jun-16 QG LAW005
Common Legal Abbreviations Jun-16 UG LAW006
Ebook Central - a quick guide Mar-17 QG DBS004
EUR-Lex Jul-16 QG LAW027
European Documentation Centre Apr-16 QG LAW002
Heavy Demand Section in Taylor Library May-16 QG LAW004
HeinOnline - quick guide May-16 QG LAW010
Law for non-law students using the Taylor Library & EDC Apr-16 QG LAW009
Lexis®Library - key features May-16 QG LAW016
Lexis®Library - searching for case law May-16 QG LAW017
Lexis®Library - searching for international legal journal articles May-16 QG LAW018
Lexis®Library - searching for newspaper articles May-16 QG LAW020
Lexis®Library - searching for UK journal articles May-16 QG LAW019
Official Publications Collection May-16 QG LAW003
Oil and Gas Energy Law (OGEL) - quick guide Apr-16 QG LAW026
OSCOLA (Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities) - A Quick Guide Apr-16 QG LAW024
Tracing Legislation - quick guide to Current Law Statutes May-16 QG LAW008
Welcome to the Taylor Library and EDC Jul-16 QG LAW001
Westlaw UK - case law May-16 QG LAW021
Westlaw UK - legislation Jun-16 QG LAW022
Westlaw UK - quick guide May-16 QG LAW014
Westlaw UK - UK and international journals May-16 QG LAW023
Westlaw UK - how to use the Linkbuilder tool Apr-16 QG LAW025


Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (Medical Library)

Accessing NHS Knowledge Network Content on an AU computer May-16 QG MED010
CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health) - quick guide May-16 QG MED011
Cochrane Library May-16 UG MED007
Ebook Central - a quick guide Mar-17 QG DBS004
Library provision in medicine May-16 QG MED001
Medical Library - databases and journals May-16 QG MED003
Medical Library guide to finding information May-16 QG MED012
Medical Library - jargon buster May-16 UG MED002
Medical resources in Special Collections Dec-14 QG HCOL007
Medline and other Ovid databases May-16 QG MED008


Physical Sciences (The Sir Duncan Rice Library)

Ebook Central - a quick guide Mar-17 QG DBS004
OnePetro - quick guide May-16 QG ENG001
Welcome to the Library Service May-16 QG GEN001

Social Science (The Sir Duncan Rice Library)

Anthropology - how to find anthropological resources Jul-16 QG SOC001
AnthropologyPlus - quick guide Jul-16 QG SOC010
Ebook Central - a quick guide Mar-17 QG DBS004
IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences) - quick guide Jul-16 QG SOC007
Politics and International Relations - how to find politics and IR resources Jul-16 QG SOC005
Social Theory – quick guide Jul-16 QG SOC012
Sociology - how to find sociology resources Jul-16 QG SOC006
Sociological Abstracts - quick guide Jul-16 QG SOC009
Welcome to the Library Service May-16 QG GEN001

Computing fact sheets

You'll find fact sheets on computing facilities and services in the Learners' Toolkit.