Director, Digital and Information Services: Brian Henderson

Applications Management

Assistant Director, Applications Management - Ian Robotham

Applications Management provides systems and tools for administration, teaching and research functions at institutional, school and departmental level throughout the University and includes units charged with Web Development, Data Management, Database Architecture, Corporate Systems, Library Management, and the Medi-CAL team. Applications Management is responsible for:

  • Application Architecture Strategy
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Management Information Systems
  • Corporate Applications
  • Web Development
  • Research Databases
  • e-Learning
  • Application Sourcing
  • Systems Integration
  • Applications Release Management

Managers and Team Leaders

  • Project Database Analysis Manager - Fiona Chaplain
  • Business Applications Manager - Mike McConnell
  • Medi-CAL and Academic Applications Development Manager - Ian Robotham
  • Project Director Student Lifecycle - 
  • Web Experience Manager - Mike Patterson
  • Web Operations Team Lead - 
  • Web Applications Team Lead - Tracy Stasch
  • SharePoint/CRM Manager - Fraser Smith

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Infrastructure Delivery

The Infrastructure Team provides the strategic development of the technical infrastructure that underpins all IT services. The infrastructure comprises both the physical infrastructure of desktop workstations, voice and data networks, servers and data storage and core applications such as email, web delivery and identity management.

  • Infrastructure Strategy
  • Infrastructure Design & Development
  • Capacity and Availability Planning
  • Infrastructure Solutions Sourcing
  • Infrastructure Support

Managers and Team Leaders

  • Infrastructure Delivery Manager - 
  • Network Infrastructure Manager - Alastair Matthews
    • Network Infrastructure Team Lead - Sylvain Diot
  • Server Infrastructure Manager - Derek Dawson
    • Server Infrastructure Team Lead - Mike Raffan

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Relationship Management

Assistant Director, Relationship Management - Dean Phillips

Relationship Management is responsible for support and liaison between IT Services and its customers, with Relationship Managers allied to functions within the University, as well as supporting specific schools. Relationship Management Project Managers also manage the delivery of complex IT projects, many of which are customer driven. The section also provides internal administrative support.

  • Relationship Management
  • Student Liaison
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Research IT
  • Shared Services Management
  • DDIS Administration
  • Budget Coordination

Managers and Team Leaders

  • Relationship Manager for Research and Team Lead - Gail Smillie
    • School responsibilities: SMMSN (IAHS, IMS, RINH), SBS, and Psychology
  • Relationship Manager Infrastructure and Internationalisation  - Russell Moffatt
    • School responsibilities: Business School, Geosciences, NCS, Engineering
  • Relationship Manager for Teaching and Learning  - Natalie Kinchin-Williams
    • School responsibilities: SMMSN (Institute of Education, Institute of Dentistry), DHP, Education, LLMVC, Law, Social Sciences
  • Programme Director - Mike Whyment
  • Head of Business Improvement - Marion Malcolm
  • Research IT Manager - Katie Wilde
  • Office Manager and PA to Directorate Management - Lynne Kirton

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Service Management

Assistant Director, Service Management - Richard Lynch

Service Management provides support services in the form of user administration, desktop application support, management, maintenance and support of software for academic, administrative and library use. Service Management is responsible for:

  • Service Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • Data Centre
  • Database Systems Administration
  • Training and Documentation
  • Media Services

Managers and Team Leaders

  • Desktop Manager - Ian Rowley
    • Classroom and Lecture Theatres Team Leader - Derek Findlay
    • IMaT Team Leader - Graeme  Euington
  • User Services Manager - Iain Cameron
    • Training and Documentation Team Leader - Christine Mackenzie
    • IT Service Desk Team Leader - Julie Robertson
  • Data Centre and Problems Manager - Martin Fraser
    • Data Centre Team Leader - Heather Duguid
  • Media Services Manager - Iain Harold
    • Audio Visual Services Team Leader - David Walton
    • Illustration Services Team Leader - Gordon Stables
    • Video Services Team Leader - Rikki Gutcher

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Information Security

  • Information Security Manager - Gary Fisher
  • Infrastructure Delivery Manager - 
  • Honorary Chief Information Security Officer - David Robertson

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