What do you think of University IT services?

We carried out our annual staff survey of satisfaction with the provision of IT services in April 2017. Our many thanks go to the 1,1011 of you who took the time and effort to complete the questionnaire, providing your views and thoughts about our existing IT service provision.

Overall performance

  • When asked: ‘How satisfied are you with the computing and associated services provided by IT Services?’, 88% of you told us you were happy with our services (29% ‘very satisfied’, 59% ‘satisfied’). [Results from 2016: 84% Happy; 23% very satisfied; 61% satisfied]
  • When asked ‘Has the overall IT service improved over the last 12 months?’, 44% of respondents thought it was ‘a bit better’ or ‘much better; 52% thought it had remained much the same, and 4% reported that the service had declined.  [Results from 2016: 37% better or much better; 56% remained the same; 7% declined]

Response rate

The breakdown by area of the University was:

  2016 Results 2017 Results
Schools 68% 68%
Professional Services 26% 30%
Other 6% 2%

Survey results in brief

Core Services:

  • Satisfaction levels with Email availability and performance remain high at 92%.
  • Overall satisfaction with printing, copying and scanning using MFDs remained steady at 78%, compared to 76% last year. The contract to provide this service was renewed last year and we hope that this will continue to lead to further improvements in the service.
  • Satisfaction levels with IT varied across teaching spaces, lecture theatres, and computer classrooms returning levels of 77%, 67%, and 69% respectively.
  • VLEs (MyAberdeen, MyMBChB MyPA, MyMedSci or MyBDS) continue to show low levels of satisfaction (62% overall) with the response indicating a 3% drop in satisfaction with this service from last year.
  • 75% of you are satisfied or very satisfied with Wi-Fi services across campus this year, a 3% increase. We remain committed to improving this service across the campus and carried out a number of improvement activities over the course of last year.

Non-core services:

Response rates for some of the non-core, added value services were quite low (reflecting a need for developing awareness of these services), however, satisfaction with the services was positive:

  • Learners’ Toolkit, our digital information resource for students and staff, has an increased satisfaction rating of 86%.
  • The Office 365 suite returned a satisfaction rating of 86%.
  • MyIT, which allows you to log a support call directly via a web portal and check the status of your calls, continues to get a positive response with a satisfaction level this year of 89%.
  • BoB National, which allows you to record and catch up on broadcast TV and radio programs, achieved a high satisfaction rating of 85%, but this was derived from less than 100 responses.
  • The response rate to the Digitally Enhanced Learning Spaces was less than 100 but the satisfaction rating was 77%.  This suggests that those people who know of the rooms are reasonably happy with them.

Data Storage:

  • Once again, this year 20% of respondents reported they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ save business data onto University networked storage. This remains a concern with regard to data security and business continuity.

Many of you were kind enough to provide comments on our services and they help us enormously in understanding your issues and concerns. Our thanks go to those of you who took the time to provide them. A disappointing aspect, however, is those people who raise an issue, which would appear to be something that could be easily resolved, but who do not leave their details meaning that we cannot contact them to provide help.

Detailed report

Read our full interactive survey report.


If you would like to comment upon, or ask a question about the survey, send an email to the Head of Relationship Management, Dean Phillips.

1 There were 958 respondents in 2016.