A number of research based tools have been developed by the IPRC, these include:

NOTECHS. Psychologists from the IPRC (Dr Lynne Martin, Dr Paul O'Connor, Prof Rhona Flin) were involved in the NOTECHS development project, as well as the evaluation project (JARTEL) as part of a European team of psychologists and airline pilots.

ANTS. A behavioural marker system for rating anaesthetists' non-technical skills (teamwork, task management, situational awareness, decision making) in the operating theatre.

NOTSS. A behavioural marker system for rating surgeons' non-technical skills (situation awareness, decision making, communication, teamwork, leadership) in the operating theatre. Training in this system is offered by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

SPLINTS. A behavioural marker system for rating scrub practitioners' non-technical skills (situation awareness, communication, teamwork, task management) in the operating theatre.

ANTS-AP. A behavioural marker system for rating the non-technical skills used by staff assisting the anaesthetist in the operating theatre. In the United Kingdom these staff are Operating Department Practitioners or Anaesthetic Nurses.

HFIT. A human factors investigation tool designed for use as in incident analysis. Originally developed for the offshore oil industry, but more recently utilised in healthcare.