Tuesday 26th September 2017
Amy Irwin, Oliver Hamlet & Ruby Roberts
TRAC engineering Ltd. is an international company that provides infrastructure engineering services across a range of high risk environments including oil and gas, rail and forestry. The company were keen to learn more about non-technical skills – the social and cognitive skills that, alongside technical knowledge, ensure the safety and effectiveness of teams in high risk environments. TRAC got in touch with Dr Irwin and a collaborative event was planned. The event featured presentations from Dr Amy Irwin, Oliver Hamlet (a PhD student) and Dr Ruby Roberts along with presentations from TRAC staff members. The audience included TRAC employees, Network Rail, Siemens and the Northern Lighthouse board. The event was well attended and received. It is hoped that some of the networking connections made will lead to future research collaborations as we continue to expand our work on non-technical skills.