Academic & Research Staff

  • Dr Amy Irwin (Lecturer - Scholarship)
  • Dr Irwin has been a member of the IPRC since 2009.  Her research interests range from the study of non-technical skills across multiple industries (including aviation, agriculture and healthcare) to assessment of the impact of rudeness on performance and wellbeing at work.

PhD Students

  • Oliver Hamlet
  • Oliver has recently begun (2017) his ESRC funded collaborative studentship to assess non-technical skills in helicopter flight crews.
  • Lucia Suhanyiova
  • Lucia is currently in the third year of her ESRC funded collaborative studentship, assessing product safety culture within industry.

Associates of the IPRC

  • Dr Ruby Roberts
  • Dr Roberts completed her PhD examining how offshore drillers’ maintain situation awareness during the complex task of well control, sponsored by Maersk Drilling. Having worked on a range of projects at the IPRC with Prof Rhona Flin and the Aberdeen Medical School with Prof Jen Cleland, Dr Roberts has a broad base of expertise within healthcare, air traffic conrol and the oil and gas industry. Projects examined a range of problems including non-technical skills, decsison making, risk perception, safety culture, human factors incident analyisis, and organisational culture. Currently she is an honorary member of the university of Aberdeen and is working as an independant human factors consultant.