NOTSS: Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons

NOTSS is a behaviour rating system for surgeons. The system was developed using task analysis with subject matter experts and evaluated in trials using standardized video scenarios and real operations. It allows consultant (attending) surgeons to give feedback to colleagues and trainees based on structured observations of non-technical aspects of performance during intraoperative surgery. Ratings and feedback are given on four categories of non-technical skills:

  1. Situation Awareness
  2. Decision Making
  3. Communication & Teamwork
  4. Leadership

Training in NOTSS is offered by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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NOTSS Publications & Downloads

Yule, S., Rowley, D., Flin, R., Maran, N., Youngson, G., Duncan, J. & Paterson-Brown, S. (2009). Experience matters: Comparing novice and expert ratings of non-technical skills using the NOTSS system. ANZ Journal of Surgery 79, 154-160.

Yule, S., Flin, R., Maran, N., Rowley, D. , Youngson, G. & Paterson-Brown, S. (2008). Surgeons' non-technical skills in the operating room: Reliability testing of the NOTSS behaviour rating system. World Journal of Surgery, 32, 548-556.

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Yule, S., Flin, R., Paterson-Brown, S. & Maran, N. (2006). Non-technical skills for surgeons in the operating room: A review of the literature. Surgery, 139, 140-149 Download pdf article (141kb)

Surgeons' News Articles

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Scientific Meetings

NOTSS research has been presented at several conferences from 2003-2008, including HFES, ASME, AMEE, ASGBI, IAAP, IMMS, AAvP.



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