Industrial Settings

We perform academic research and consultancy within a number of high-risk settings, some of which are listed below:

Agriculture. We have investigated the importance of non-technical skills and risk perception within the high stress, high risk farming environment.

Aviation.Our work in aviation encompasses fixed wing (commercial and general) and rotorcraft (offshore transport and search and rescue) pilots.  Most recently the work has focused on non-technical skills and factors that influence those skills.

Healthcare. We have investigated non-technical skills (eg, teamwork and leadership), adverse events, safety systems and organizational culture within acute healthcare settings such as the operating theatre and intensive care unit.

Energy. For over 20 years the IPRC has worked closely with the oil and gas and nuclear power industries, and has extensively researched aspects of safety culture, risk perception, leadership, safety management, incident command and occupational health.

Transport. Our research within the transport industry encompasses aviation (both flight-deck and air traffic control) and public transport, with research focusing on safety culture, crew resource management training and occupational health.

Emergency Services. We have worked with the majority of emergency services (eg, the police and fire services), and have performed research investigating safety culture, decision-making and incident management.

For more information about our current research projects, please select the industrial setting of interest.