Industrial Psychology Research Centre


Welcome to the Industrial Psychology Research Centre. The IPRC specialises in the application of psychology principles and methods to examine safety and human performance in industry, with a strong focus on human factors.

The centre has worked with the oil industry since 1986, and regularly engages in research and consultancy. We carry out projects with the offshore oil industry, civil aviation, nuclear power generation, healthcare, emergency services, conventional power generation and transportation.

Research interests of the centre include:

  • Analysis of the human factors inherent in a variety of workplaces (aviation, oil, healthcare)
  • Measuring and managing safety culture/climate
  • Patient safety
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Non-technical skills such as leadership, communication and situational awareness
  • Accident analysis
  • The impact of rudeness / incivility on people at work




Dr Amy Irwin was invited to write a guest blog for the charity Farm Safety Foundation, based on her research examining non-technical skills in farmers. You can read the blog here:


The IPRC is pleased to welcome a new PhD student, Oliver Hamlet, to the team, with an ESRC SGSSS DTP Collaborative Studentship Award (+3) titled 'It’s all about the mission: An assessment of factors influencing non-technical skills in offshore and emergency helicopter teams'. Supervised by Dr Amy Irwin & Prof. Rhona Flin.