We recognise the importance of supporting you through your studies, to help you get the most out of your time as a student at the University of Aberdeen.  In direct response to student feedback from surveys, where they have indicated that they would like more personal support and advice throughout their studies, the Personal Tutor System has recently been launched.  The efficacy of this system will depend upon you becoming actively engaged in preparing for meetings and asking questions around the proposed subject matter (see meeting schedule).  The more you put in, the more you will get out of having a personal tutor, who is there to help.

Your personal tutor will be your main point of contact regarding any concerns and queries you have as a student.  They will welcome you to the University community if you have just arrived, and you will meet with them either in groups or individually at key points in the year, to discuss your experiences as a student.  Your personal tutor will facilitate discussion based on recommended subjects at key contact times throughout your degree programme.  Your personal tutor will be able to advise you on issues such as employability, the Graduate Attributes, and provide an opportunity for you to discuss, for example, the feedback you have received in your studies.  They will highlight the support services available at the University, as well as being a key point of contact should you wish to speak to someone.  Additional meetings can be arranged beyond the published schedule. 

The general topic for each scheduled meeting is listed here. Your personal tutor may set specific tasks for these meetings (asking you, for example, to prepare a CV with certain attributes in mind, to reflect on recent entries to your feedback log, or how you might develop your co-curricular activities).  Don't hesitate to ask your personal tutor if you are not sure how best to prepare for a meeting, how much time to spend on preparation, or if you have anything else you wish to raise. 

Based on discussions in these meetings, your personal tutor will hope to help you focus sharply and reflect constructively on your overall progress and development (academic and extra-curricular);  s/he will also be able to act as a knowledgeable referee when it is time for you to move onto whatever it is you decide to do after University.

Please email infohub@abdn.ac.uk for more information or if you have any questions about this scheme.

* For MBChB, BDS and PA students based up at Foresterhill, personal tutoring is run as part of the established Regent Scheme and is guided by similar principles as the Personal Tutor System. Further information on the regent scheme can be found on the home page of your MyMBChB or MyBDS website.