All mentors are current students at the University of Aberdeen who have been through starting university for the first time. All first year undergraduate students are allocated a mentor when they start university and a brief description is provided below of the role that they provide.

A mentor will:

  • help you settle in and support you during your first year at the University of Aberdeen;
  • provide support in getting to know the campus and University processes and procedures;
  • answer any questions your have or direct you to the most appropriate source of advice;
  • be available to meet with you and the rest of their mentees from time to time, either as a group or on your own (as appropriate);
  • keep in touch with you every couple of weeks throughout the year either by email or in person (by arrangement);
  • ensure that you understand and are aware of University procedures at key times of the year (e.g. exam time);
  • encourage you to make the most of opportunities to meet with the other mentees, become involved in campus life and develop your own support networks;
  • be aware of the support and advice available from the University, Students' Association and elsewhere;
  • maintain confidentially. 

A mentor:

  • can advise where you should go with coursework issues, but is not a tutor and cannot help with assessments or provide academic support;
  • can point you in the right direction of appropriate University support services, but is not a counsellor;
  • is not expected to know everything, but will know where to go or who to ask to find out the information.