The aim of the Personal Tutor system is to provide you with a member of academic staff who will be available to you for support and guidance throughout your studies.   They will encourage you to reflect on your progress and to take advantage of the opportunities available to you during your studies to enable you to best prepare for future employment or further study.

What You Need To Do

In order to gain the maximum benefit from your contact with your Personal Tutor, it is your responsibility to:

  • Attend meetings arranged with your Personal Tutor.  These meetings may be in groups with other tutees or individual meetings.  If for any reason you cannot attend, you should let your Personal Tutor know.
  • Participate actively in scheduled meetings with your Personal Tutor and in group meetings. Participation in such meetings although not compulsory, will be monitored and non-engagement is likely to mean that you will not know your Personal Tutor well enough at the end of your studies for them to be able to provide you with a meaningful reference.
  • Check your University email account regularly for communications and respond promptly to requests for information.
  • Ensure your details are up-to-date on your Student Hub.
  • Keep a record of activities and reflections on your progress, performance, and the longer-term aspirations associated with these activities (e.g. through use of the ACHIEVE website and Feedback logs).
  • Inform your Personal Tutor of any circumstances which may be affecting your academic performance and so that effective support can be offered.
  • Ask your Personal Tutor, if you wish, to act as one of your referees for internships, job applications or further study.  While we expect Personal Tutors and Tutees to put effort into building a constructive relationship, if you feel this relationship is not working, you should contact the Senior Personal Tutor in your School to discuss what might be done to resolve the situation.  In cases where it is clear that there is a strong reason for changing a Personal Tutor, this can also be facilitated.
  • Make yourself aware of the regulations and procedures relevant to your  studies, and seek advice where you are unsure of what is required.
  • Give careful consideration to advice or information given to you by your Personal Tutor, who will always endeavour to act in your best interests.