If you would like to apply to become a mentor then please have a read over the role description below and, if interested, please complete the application form here.

Please note, however, that your application may not be accepted right away but we will keep your details on file if you would like to be a mentor for the following academic year. If you have any further questions regarding becoming a mentor then please direct your enquires to the S4S coordinator for your school or e-mail infohub@abdn.ac.uk.

Role description

To help new students settle in, and to offer them support during their first year of study at the University of Aberdeen

More specifically

  • Work with a group of new students (no more than 4-6 new students);
  • Answer questions or direct new students to the most appropriate source of advice;
  • Provide support in getting to know the campus and University of Aberdeen processes and procedures;
  • Be available to meet with new students from time to time, in a group or individual setting (as appropriate);
  • Recognise when a student may be in need of further support and act accordingly;
  • Understand when to refer a new student to other professional services when issues are raised which are beyond the scope of the peer mentor;
  • Encourage new students to make the most of opportunities to meet one another, become involved in campus life and develop their own support networks;
  • Maintain contact with their new students during the first year of their arrival (although it is expected that most contact will be in the first semester);
  • Be aware of the support and advice available from the University, Students’ Association and elsewhere;
  • Undertake Mentor training prior to the commencement of the academic year;
  • Maintain confidentially where appropriate.

Time Commitment 

  • Initiate email contact with new students in early September each year;
  • Hold a minimum of one group meeting with their new students during Welcome Week, and the first 3 weeks of term; additional  group meetings and/or meetings with individuals to be arranged as felt appropriate by the group;
  • Thereafter keep in touch with new students fortnightly by email or in person (by arrangement) throughout the year , ensuring that new students understand and are aware of University procedures at key times of the year (e.g. exam diets);
  • Provide feedback on the S4S scheme by completing evaluation materials and/or attending an evaluation meeting.

Qualities required 

  • be friendly and approachable, with a genuine enthusiasm to support new students;
  • have a demonstrable understanding of the types of difficulties new students can have;
  • be good communicators, particularly adept at listening to students, facilitating discussion between them and encouraging them to ask questions;
  • be responsive to the needs of others, and sensitive to a range of personalities and cultures;
  • have a good knowledge of School and University policies, procedures and services;
  • be positive, reliable and patient.