Withdrawing from Study (UG)

Although we do not like to see students withdraw or take a break from study we understand that sometimes it is necessary. If you are thinking of leaving there is a range of support and advice available to ensure that leaving is the right decision for you and that you know all the options available.

Your Personal Tutor is on hand to help you settle into university life and give pastoral support, if you need some specific advice they can advise you where to go.

If you are concerned about your progress in a particular course your Course Coordinator may be able to help. If you are worried about your general progress in your programme of study your Registry Officer can give advice on your options and can sometimes liaise with the school to find a route forward.

The Student Support team are on hand to give confidential advice and information on personal matters, financial issues, disability matters and more.

Our friendly Infohub staff are available to point you in the right direction if you are unsure who to speak to.

How do I withdraw?

Once you have discussed your options with a staff member and you feel that leaving is the right thing to do you should complete a withdrawal form as soon as possible. The date you withdraw may affect your tuition fees so it is important to hand it in once you have made the decision. Unfortunately we cannot backdate your withdrawal if you forget to hand in the form. If you are worried about how your tuition fees will be affected by leaving or taking a break in your studies your Registry Officer can offer advice. You could also have a look at the Refund Policy available in the Tuition Fees website.

If you are an Medicine, Dentistry or Physician Associate student, you must meet with your Year Lead or Student Support Lead (Medicine) before submitting the completed withdrawal form.

Where should I submit the form?

You can hand the form in at the Infohub to either a member of staff on the main desk or the Duty Registry Officer desk.

If you have already discussed your withdrawal with a staff member you can submit your form by post or email to the addresses on the form.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your form, this will be processed by Registry and confirmation will be sent to the address provided on the withdrawal form.

You may wish to keep in touch with the university after you have withdrawn from study, our FAQ gives helpful information on IT access, funding, applying for resits, visas and what to do when you are ready to return to study. You may be contacted by your school or department about information you provided on your withdrawal form.

We welcome readmission applications from past students and your Registry Officer is happy to answer any queries you may have about returning to the University of Aberdeen. Further information on readmission is available on the readmission website.