These pages contain information on Tier 4 (student visa) and other immigration matters that will be of use to our students, their family and friends.

Tier 4 Students

As a student who holds a Tier 4 visa, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities while you study with us. It is also important that you know who to contact for information and advice during your time in Aberdeen so that your immigration status is protected.

You will find links to the left which outline: some of your responsibilities while holding a Tier 4 visa; information on the visa check process; and details on who to contact for support with your visa.

You will be aware that the University sponsors your visa and, as such, we have significant duties placed on us by the Home Office to ensure that you are keeping to the terms of your visa. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is the department of the Home Office that manages your visa and you will see us refer to them when discussing your visa.

We will update this page with news, information, events and policy changes that could impact you and your visa so do check back regularly to ensure you are up to date with what you need to know.

Non Tier 4 Students, visitors and family members

Much of the information on these pages applies to our Tier 4 student body, but information can also be found on visit visas for students coming for a short period or for family and friends who wish to visit you.

We also have information for students who wish to explore options to bring their family to the UK during their studies under the "Bringing my family to the UK" page. This includes supporting your family to live in the UK and the options for them visiting the UK during your studies.