Suspending or withdrawing from study: Taught Postgraduate Students

If you are looking to take a temporary break from your study, with a view to resuming at a later date, you can apply for a suspension of study for a fixed period.

Taught Postgraduates are required to seek the approval of their programme coordinator for suspending study.  You should discuss with your programme coordinator what options are open to you and when the most appropriate time to resume studies would be.

Suspensions of study can be sought for a period of up to 12 months maximum.


If you are looking to leave study permanently, or to leave for longer than 12 months, you can complete a withdrawal form and return it to the Infohub or email Please note that, if you have withdrawn from study, and later decide that you wish to resume study, you can apply for Readmission.

Withdrawing or suspending from study may affect your tuition fees; please see our Refund Policy available on the tuition fees website, or contact for more information.