If you have received a C6, please complete the C6 Appeal Form and email it to the relevant Secretary as follows: 

Undergraduate Level 1 - julie.anderson@abdn.ac.uk

Undergraduate Level 2 - julie.anderson@abdn.ac.uk

Undergraduate Level 3 - amanda.rae@abdn.ac.uk

Undergraduate Level 4 - leigh.thomson@abdn.ac.uk

Undergraduate Level 5 - leigh.thomson@abdn.ac.uk

MSc Project Management - debbie.mckenzie@abdn.ac.uk

MSc Subsea - jemma.muckersie@abdn.ac.uk

MSc Oil & Gas - jemma.muckersie@abdn.ac.uk

MSc Renewable Energy - l.magee@abdn.ac.uk

MSc Safety & Reliability - l.magee@abdn.ac.uk

MSc Oil & Gas Structural - l.magee@abdn.ac.uk

MSc Petroleum - debbie.mckenzie@abdn.ac.uk

C7 - Refusal of Class Certificate

To attempt to resolve this issue, please follow the instructions below.

  • If you think you have received a C7 by mistake, please attempt to resolve the matter informally with the School as soon as possible and certainly no later than 10 working days. This should be done through the School Office.
  • If you wish to appeal the C7 formally you must follow the University's Appeals Procedure.  To submit an appeal you MUST complete the University's appeal form and return it to academicservices@abdn.ac.uk, no later than 10 working days.