Towards the end of a course, your course co-ordinator should provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback on a course, using a ‘Student Course Evaluation Form (SCEF)’. SCEFs are available online and are created by the administration team with responsibility for the course you are taking.

You will be notified by email or by your course co-ordinator when a SCEF requires completion. SCEFs ask you to provide some feedback on aspects of the course as well as information on what you liked about it and what you felt could be improved upon. SCEF returns are anonymous. 

Once completed, SCEFs are considered by the relevant course co-ordinator and Head of School. Ultimately, the University will consider the points raised in all SCEFs to ensure teaching is of a high quality. 

The University greatly values your comments and they do help when we are working on ways to improve what we are able to offer.