Holding a Tier 4 visa gives you various rights in the UK. It also places responsibilities on you which you must follow to ensure you do not put your visa at risk.

You will have received a Tier 4 Check Card when you registered and completed your arrival visa check. This outlines some of the main duties you have when dealing with the University on the back, and these are outlined below. This only represents some of the duties you have in holding a Tier 4 visa and you must remember that it is your job to make sure you are sticking to the full terms of your visa. You can find more information from the UKVI website on what it means to hold a Tier 4 visa.

Some of the main responsibilities you have that relate to your studies are:

  • You must provide the Infohub with a copy of your passport, visa or Biometric Residence Permit (and ATAS certificate if you need one) when this is requested by a member of staff or you are issued new documents;
  • You must keep your contact details up-to-date using theStudent Hub so we can provide these details to UKVI should they ask us for them;
  • You must check your University email account at least once a week as this is the main method through which we will communicate with you about your visa and your studies;
  • You must register for your studies, on time, each academic year. Failure to do so will result in the University having to stop the sponsorship of your visa as you will no longer be regarded as a student with us. This includes ensuring that you are permitted to register each year, which is impacted by holding a debt to the University and your academic progression in your degree;
  • You must attend a visa check when and where requested. You will find out about the next visa check in an email to your University email account or by checking the visa check pages:
  • You must fully engage with your studies by attending all required classes, meeting with your supervisor and signing in as requested by your School. Your visa has been issued for you to study with us and it is important that you are fully engaged with your programme throughout its duration;
  • You must follow University processes and seek permission from your School(s) to spend longer than a week away from campus during your studies. Speak with your School office to arrange any time away and update them with any situations that could result in you missing a class or sign-in session;
  • You must return home if you stop studying with us or if you complete your programme early, as we will report your visa to UKVI when such a change is known by us;
  • You must seek advice from an International Student Adviser (based in the Student Advice and Support Office) 3 months before the expiry date of your visa if you will be seeking an extension. Immigration rules change continually and you don’t want to be caught out by any changes to the rules since your last application;
  • You must seek advice from an International Student Adviser if you wish to make any changes to your studies (such as changing the degree you or on) or you are forced to repeat a year, drop down a level of study or need more time in the UK to complete your programme as it is likely you will need to obtain a new visa before you return to complete your degree; and
  • You must only work within the restrictions allowed by your visa and ensure that you follow any other terms of your visa as outlined on it.

You can get up to date information on your wider responsibilities from the UK Council for International Student Affairs. This includes information on various topics about being a student in the UK, specifically your responsibilities in holding a Tier 4 visa.